Easiest Dessert ever!!

Nutella Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe

As promised, I have another Nigella inspired recipe and this one is REAL simple to make.

It’s a chocolate cheesecake and requires only 6 ingredients. British folk or I assume it’s only British folk because of all the Come Dine with Me shows I watch use “digestive biscuits” as a base for their cheesecakes but I am unsure what would be the equivalent for us so I used tennis biscuits. Continue reading

For the chilli lovers…

Red Pepper and Chilli Sauce Recipe

Finally made the time to POST!!! I’m feeling quite chuffed about it

This recipe is basically Nigella’s, however, I adapted it slightly. I love her cooking style;  its simple and has you drooling just watching her. Continue reading


Chocolate Brownie Recipe

A chocolate at ours lasts five minutes and if I’m not quick enough I’ll get none.  Sunday past I decided to make a big batch of chocolate brownies with the hopes of it lasting the week to fulfil our chocolate cravings instead of buying them all the time. I couldn’t have been more WRONG! It’s Tuesday today and I managed to bring the last piece with me to work. Luckily I could share some with friends who came to visit over these 3 days. Continue reading

Get in my belly!!!!

The Velvet Cake Company Loop Street Cape Town Review

I’M BACK! I really hope I’m back?

Trying to find time to blog has become tough… I recently got a puppy so my evenings are spent cleaning up, training and tummy rubs. I felt really bad about not posting anything for a while so made it my mission to visit this cake shop which I have been meaning to pop into for a really long time. Continue reading

The Anti – Pie

I tried to make a pie, a pie I tried to make

I defrosted the puff pastry, it all started to look tasty

Trouble started when trying to serveinshot_20160916_144001

Coz this pie showed me no lurv

It went everywhere on the plate

It just wouldn’t hold its shape Continue reading

Review – FoodLAB at Youngblood Gallery

I haven’t been able to blog for a bit as we moved to a new place and things are just all over the show at the moment. (DO NOT move house, its killer!)

On Wednesday my colleague sent me a message asking if I would like to check out a new restaurant with her as it’s her son’s teacher’s child who is the chef or something like that (#mouthful). Needing a break, conversation and in desperate need of a meal, I agreed. Continue reading

Pizza!! Pizza!! Pizza!!

Thinking of catchy headings is SO hard guys, for real. Fuck Flip.

I’ve really been thinking hard about whether or not to use swear words on my blog. I don’t want readers to be offended, but then again I swear quite a bit in my everyday life :-/ and this is my blog, my space to be me… so we’ll see how it goes, lemme know how you feel about it? Continue reading

For all the whiskey drinkers…

Hey guys, I had such a taste experience with whiskey over woman’s day that I have to share it with you all. I’m certainly not a wine connoisseur but sure know a good drink when I have one. Continue reading

CTMeetup Event Experience

Having started my blog I follow a lot of bloggers and groups to increase my knowledge on the blogging industry and how to improve make my blog better. I came across a post for the CTMeetup event for new bloggers organised by Cindy Alfino whose blog I often read – you should check it out. Continue reading