MEHi! I’m Marshé from Cape Town and I recently decided to do what I was always skeptical of doing and create a blog space for myself ♥ I’ve just turned thirty and thought this would be a good milestone to start something new.

I’m a amateur new cook / baker and will be showing you the things I get up to when the hunger pangs, hangry pangs kick in. I have not had any professional training or completed any short courses so if you are like me you might enjoy this ride 😀 We may have successes, or flops and fails (fingers crossed the flops and fails will be minimal) but at the same time we will learn what to or not to do.

This blog will not SOLELY be aimed at cooking but I will also showcase various FIRSTS I experience whether it be travel, decor, DIY or even something as far fetched for myself as beauty and fashion 🙂

I hope you will enjoy my posts, please feel free to comment or email me if you have any ideas or suggestions for new posts. Think of me as your leeetle guinea pig.

Things I love:

  • Breakfast – anytime of the day
  • A good duvet
  • Dogs lately
  • Reality TV *blushes*
  • Beer, beer and more beer – this should be FIRST
  • A good ol’grilled cheese sandwich, well anything cheese related really

Things I hate:

  • Loud gum chewing
  • Any loud chewing aaarggghhhh close your mouth!!
  • TBA

Oh and please follow my blog (very tiny button on the blog page – trying to fix it), Instagram, Facebook etc etc

Love Always ♥



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