Review – FoodLAB at Youngblood Gallery

I haven’t been able to blog for a bit as we moved to a new place and things are just all over the show at the moment. (DO NOT move house, its killer!)

On Wednesday my colleague sent me a message asking if I would like to check out a new restaurant with her as it’s her son’s teacher’s child who is the chef or something like that (#mouthful). Needing a break, conversation and in desperate need of a meal, I agreed.

We took a walk up Bree Street to the Youngblood Gallery where FoodLAB is located. The space is quite big and minimalist – which I love!

Review – FoodLAB at Youngblood Gallery

Nicola – the chef came to greet us and explained what they had on offer: Asian salad, quiche, lamb flat roll or a salmon bagel. She obviously went into quite a bit of detail of what each item entailed, I cannot remember it all but it was a tough decision on what to order. We decided on the lamb flat roll and she said we could share as its quite big but we were ravenous; did not have breakfast and it was 14:00 so we each had one!

She treated us to a complimentary ice tea – it was sooo yummy and had all sorts of fruit in it, real quality ice tea. With Youngblood being an art gallery and from what I read up about them online they really aim to make their food beautiful – and my, oh my can they make their food beautiful.

Nicola did let us know that the flatbread came on a clipboard :-/ LOL I’m not really into the hippy, trendy eating utensils but nevertheless – HUNGER! The food arrived and it was as pretty as a picture. I cut my first bite and my clipboard moved around a bit which wasn’t ideal but so we continue…

The dish was tasty and sensual in every way. The lamb was soft, roasted garlic, pickled onions, tzatziki and a whole lot more – not to mention the flatbread itself which was amazing! Our bill came to R 210.00 which included a cheesecake takeaway and was worth every cent.



I will try and visit interesting places every now and then, lemme know if you have any ideas of where I should go next. Enjoy the weekend ya’ll!


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